Feature Fix
  • Added in capability to suspend/activate pilots instead of deleting
  • Added in capability to pin notices (Thanks JB for the suggestion)
  • Added in capability to edit existing bookings (Thanks JB for the suggestion)
  • Fixed reporting bug when using a secure link. (Thanks JB for reporting)

  • Fixed signup bug when using a secure link. (Thanks Rudolf for reporting)
  • Fixed contact us mailto link issue. (Thanks Rudolf for reporting)

  • Added Expiry Option to notice (Thanks for the idea Grant)
  • Users can delete notices they posted.
  • Email responses to notices get sent to notice poster.

Feature Fix
  • Forgot Password workflow implemented
  • Fixed notices not showing in https

Feature Fix
  • Added in back buttons on booking pages
  • Fixed back to back booking issue (Thanks for reporting Ben)
  • Prevented creating a booking that ends in the past (Thanks for reporting Ian)
  • Fixed image upload configuration issue (Thanks for reporting Stratis)

Feature Fix
  • Change log introduced
  • Minor layout changes including footer etc
  • Start of user security increases changes (Better password storage / Login info)
  • Fixed booking colours showing deleted users (Thanks for reporting Reg)

Feature Fix
  • Migrated to new infrastructure including updated SSL support for browsers
  • Rebuilt part of the platform for better supportability
  • Corrected issue with bookings being able to overlap across days
  • No more Ads